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Christmas Office Parties

Christmas Office Parties

Specialist in arranging and booking your Christmas Office Party!



Your Christmas Party

Need help in finding and booking the right Christmas Party for your staff?

Our team have many years professional experience in planning, promoting, running, hosting, and managing Christmas parties!

We can find and book the right Christmas Party for you!

It’s never too soon to start planning your Christmas Office Party! To avoid disappointment, early booking is recommended to secure your preferred party venue on the date you want.

A Christmas Office Party is an excellent way to say “thank you” to your hard-working staff and let them know they are appreciated. Christmas is a time for goodwill and festive spirit, and a great opportunity for everyone to let their hair down and party!

For all companies, big or small, Staff Christmas Parties are an absolute must! Having an annual celebration to look forward to will boost morale and make a difference to your firm! Everyone enjoys having something special to look forward to – and something to look back on for years to come!



Make It Easy

Don’t fancy having to do all the hard work in organising it all?

For convenience and professional expertise, let us book your Christmas Office Party for you!

Telephone one of our party advisors today. We can take some details of what you are looking for, look at various venues, check availability, discuss prices, and answer any questions.

We will need to know what general area you are looking at, what sort of budget you are thinking of, and how many people you are booking for. Remember to consider if you are just including staff or if you are booking for staff +1 (partners / guests). It may be possible to add additional bookings at a later stage.

Once you decide to go ahead, we can make the booking straight away, securing your party venue and date. Nice and easy!




If you are booking early, we will just take a deposit, normally £20 per person, which is non-refundable. The balance will be required in full by 12th October. If you are booking after 12th October, we will require full payment. To avoid disappointment, we always advise early booking. Payments for Christmas Office Parties are non-refundable.

You can pay us by credit card over the phone, pay by BACS bank transfer, or post us a cheque.

Once you have booked your party, you will then be contacted by a member of our team. We will make sure we have all the details, including names of all staff and guests taking part, special requests, dietary requirements, transport, accommodation, and so on.

We will supply an itinerary, with full party details for you to circulate to your staff via email.

For an additional fee of just £40, a dedicated Twitter page can be set up and designed just for your company Christmas Party, which all your staff and guests can then have fun following and interacting with – a great way for everyone to keep in touch and at the same time, a great way to generate some extra publicity for your business!

Where venues require a food order in advance, your firm will normally be asked to ask each person to choose from a menu we will supply, and submit a completed food order for everyone taking part by 12th November. If this is any different, you will of course, be advised.



What’s included?

Whatever your requirements, we will do our best to find a party to suit!

Christmas Office Party Nights usually take place in a hotel function suite and typically include a sit down 3 or 4 course dinner, some kind of entertainment, and a top local DJ and disco, plus full event management.

There are also more elaborate festive parties on offer, sometimes with live bands and specific themes.

For those on a budget, we can also find good value lower cost party nights to suit, typically just a cheaper buffet and disco evening.

Whatever you require, just ask. Our team are happy to advise. We know lots of great venues and can recommend the ones we know will deliver.

We can do the research to find the best venue for you (UK-wide) and we will do our best to negotiate a good price on your behalf, making all the arrangements for your staff and other guests. Special requests, such as birthdays or presentations, can also be provided for.

Most parties typically start around 7.30pm and end around 1am.

Overnight hotel accommodation can also be booked, as required. For people attending Christmas Office Parties at venues we use on a regular basis we can normally offer much reduced rates of overnight accommodation.



Exclusive or Shared?

Want your own party? Or want to share with other people?

If you are a large firm, you probably require your own party in your own space. An exclusive party is booked exclusively for your company – either as an organised party package or as a bespoke party put together just for you.

If you are a small firm, what normally happens is we book you into a shared party where other groups are present. Shared parties allow you to book places at a larger more elaborate function and benefit from the entertainment and atmosphere. At shared parties, you are normally seated on your own table(s) of 6, 8, or 10 – i.e. you don’t usually have to sit with other people.



Bespoke Christmas Office Parties

Want us to create a bespoke party just for you?

If you require our professional team of party organisers to put together a special party just for your firm, please book as early as possible so that we can secure an appropriate venue and date, and have lots of time to work on this and put everything in place the way you want it.

We are here to help with the entire process. We can research the right venue, catering, and prices. We can check out the dates and agree the times. We can negotiate room rates and book in accommodation. We can help with transport arrangements. We can assist in selecting a theme. We can find and book entertainment and music to suit. We can even be there to manage the event itself, allowing you to relax and enjoy the evening.

Bespoke Christmas Office Parties can be tailored to any size. If you don’t have a large number for your own ‘meal and dancing’ type evening, we may be able to book a more intimate evening with a nice dinner in a private room at a restaurant.

Themed parties are often popular and can add extra sparkle to the evening.

We can also research and arrange short break cruises and international holidays for groups to your specifications – if you want some suitable suggestions for November, December, or January, just ask.


There’s no need to make Christmas any more complicated for yourself!

For a Christmas Party with all the trimmings – MADE EASY – our dedicated team are here to help!

Our prices are very reasonable. All enquiries welcome!

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.


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