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About Moor Business

Professional Business Services


Moor Business is a full service digital media company founded on the career experience of our team.

We offer high standards of customer service – taking great pride in offering marketing, internet, and business services at low cost prices, which our clients find affordable and extremely good value.


Our business experience…

Stocktaking & Business Services Ltd.
(Pubs, Restaurants, Hotels, Shops)

Lloyds TSB Bank PLC.
(Banking, Admin, Customer Service)

Social Group Enterprises Ltd.
(Social Events, Social Networking, Social Media)

Social Group Holidays
(Group Tours, International Travel )

Moor Events
(Hospitality, Event Planning, Event Management)

Moor Weddings
(Wedding Planning Services)

Moor Business
(Social Media Marketing, Twitter For Business, Low Cost Web Sites, Business Consultancy)


The Moor Business creative team is headed by Andrew Haglington B.A.
To view Andrew’s personal Twitter account CLICK HERE


The Moor Business sales team is headed by Cathy Haglington.
To view Cathy’s personal Twitter account CLICK HERE